The Ongoing History of New Music, encore presentation: Ultra-deep background on Dave Grohl, part 2

[Just two more weeks of repeats until we start with brand new stuff. – AC]
When you reach a certain level of fame, you can expect that everything you do will be written down or recorded somewhere. Surrender to it. It’s out of your control.Fans will do it. Your management team will do it. Your social media people will make sure it gets done. Probably someone at your label. And they’ll just keep doing it. Your life becomes one ever-expanding Wikipedia page.Not that this is necessarily a band thing. It’s just something certain famous people have to live with.This brings me to Dave Grohl. He is one of the best-documented guys in music. Everything he’s done and continues to do is being diarized.There are the Foo Fighters, of course. There was his time in Nirvana before that. Then there are the side projects, the guest appearances, the documentary work, the soundtracks, and his personal life. We’ve even been introduced to his mom who wrote a book about raising rock stars.So with all this attention over the decades, what is left to tell? Well, you might be surprised. This is part two of a program I call “Ultra-Deep Background on Dave Grohl.”Songs heard on this show:
  • Dave Grohl, I’ll Stick Around (demo)
  • Harlingtox AD, Orbiting Prisons in Space
  • Nirvana, Love Buzz (live)
  • Late!, Friend of a Friend
  • Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Mike Watt, Big Train
  • Dave Grohl, This is a Call (demo)
  • Dave Grohl, Alone + Easy Target (demo)
  • Dave Grohl, Big Me (demo)
If you care to listen to all those songs now, playlister Eric Wilhite has created this for us.The Ongoing History of New Music can be heard on the following stations:
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