Incredible video shows Good Samaritans thwart robbery attempt

CALGARY- An incredible video has surfaced, of a foiled robbery attempt at a jewelry store in northwest Calgary.

It happened on the afternoon of June 28, in the 1600 block of Centre St.

The surveillance footage clearly shows two masked men wearing hoodies entering the store, while at least three customers are inside at the front counter. The men brandishing crowbars and a knife begin to threaten employees and rob the store, while two of the customers run outside.

At one point, one of the suspects was hit with a bat, and falls to the floor. As his accomplice tries to pull him outside, he is attacked by one of the customers using a stool to try and keep him from fleeing.

Another customer knocks him with a bat, before the suspect manages to get outside and run away. The Good Samaritans then force the other suspect into a corner, where he appears disoriented.

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A group of firefighters who had just returned from helping communities with flood cleanup were nearby, and rushed to the scene to help before police arrived.

One of the suspects was arrested a short time later.

WATCH: The full surveillance video posted to

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