Flooding persists in RM of Buckland

PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. – While other parts of the country are dealing with the aftermath of floodwaters, Lyle Masserey is still waiting to see how his home of 30 years will be affected when the worst finally hits.

“I love my home. Built this home 30 years ago. At one time, it looked like it was on a pretty big hill, but it doesn’t look like there’s much of a hill,” he told Global News.

Two weeks ago, he was still able to drive comfortably over the grid road leading to his house in the RM of Buckland; now he is forced to trudge through mud and water to get across it.

The water is now several feet deep, forcing Masserey to don hip waders.

RM officials say they have spoken with a number of residents about the precarious position their homes are in, though many have yet to leave.

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“I’m going to stay put until Friday ’til I see what’s going on for sure,” said Masserey.

Reeve Don Fyrk said they would be put up in hotels, paid for by the province.

In the meantime, the RM is hoping to begin work on a massive drainage ditch that will lead into the Shell River.

“This ditch we’re going to provide is just the tip of it to get some of our roads open. Then we’ll extend the ditch in later years,” said Reeve Don Fyrk.

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