Global News wins Digital Publishing Award for Best Online Video Feature

Watch the Digital Publishing award-winning video above.

Global News has been recognized with a Digital Publishing Award, which highlights outstanding achievement in digital media content creation.

Video team members Emanuela Campanella, Elizabeth Palmieri and graphic designer Julieta Tobon claimed a silver for Best Online Video Feature for their work on a project titled, “The rise of white supremacy and its new face.”

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The project examines how the face of white supremacy has changed from white-robed Ku Klux Klan members and skinheads flying overtly racist symbols to clean-cut, well-educated, middle-class men who have developed sophisticated techniques and ruthless recruiting tactics.

“It feels so great to be recognized for our work. Journalism isn’t easy, especially when seeking uncomfortable truths,” Campanella, the project leader, said.

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The category honours creative excellence in the production of a video by a digital publisher that is between three and five minutes in length and was produced for a digital platform.

Global News received five nominations in total for Wednesday night’s awards, including Best Online Video Feature, Best Online Video Mini-Doc, Best Feature Article and Best Social Storytelling, along with the nomination of Global News journalist Jane Gerster for the Emerging Excellence Award.