City Hall is making a point to hire more Anglophones

MONTREAL – New policies are being put in place to hire more anglophone civil servants at city hall.

Jean-Yves Hinse, Montreal’s Director of Human Resources wrote in a letter to councillor Marvin Rotrand last week that the city must take steps to try to bring in more Anglophones.

It is a legitimate concern to many Montrealers, said Rotrand. “I think (this) is really a big change in philosophy.”

Since 2008 boroughs have tracked how many of their employees fit into the city’s equal opportunity hiring policies.

Women, visible and ethnic minorities, Indigenous people and those with disabilities are tracked.

Anglophones, who represent about a quarter of the city’s population, are not.

The new policies that are set to begin in the fall include:

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– Applicants will be able to use a dictionary during the written French language test, which is a requirement during the hiring process.

– Looser requirements for jobs that require less proficiency in written French.

– The city may also consider adopting a mentorship program.

– Representatives will work more closely with anglophone groups and visit more English-speaking schools to recruit candidates.

The city also plans to increase the numbers of black anglophones working in the civil service.

Rotrand explains this group is one of the most under-represented, given the figures from the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough.

“We’re hearing that there are breakthroughs being made by visible minorities, but they don’t seem to touch the anglophone black community,” he said.