Potential City Park plans unveiled

. Bryon McKluckie

Having more people use it for longer each day and for more days of the year, that’s the hope of City of Kelowna Officials who are in the last stages of developing a final concept plan for City Park.

The City held an open house Thursday which outlined the latest concepts for both City and Kerry Parks.

The plans reflect improvements to the two civic spaces, taking into consideration previous public input.

For City Park the biggest change will be improving the way pedestrians, bikes and even cars circulate through the area – with the inclusion of a paved road starting at Lawrence and ending at Leon.

What was noticeably absent from the plans was the Kelowna Lawn bowling club site – which did not sit well with one man, “Well I’m pretty unhappy that there is no consideration of keeping the lawn bowling club where it is at the moment. It’s vibrant and the fastest growing club in Canada for membership, but it’s not part of this.”

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Patrick McKormick is the City’s Urban Design Planner, “Some of the members are very passionate about their lawn bowling facility and I understand that it’s not there right now but there will be some discussion with the Lawn Bowling Club about whether the facility stays or not.”

McCormick says the concept plans are not set in stone and are still fluid and open to community consultation, online, until July 15.

To find out more about what the plans are for City and Kerry Parks you can go to