Scenic Akamina parkway in Waterton Lakes National Park closed to the Public

Park officials in Wateron say the park will be fully open for business this Canada day long week-end, but one major scenic road will be close to the tourists. The Akamina Parkway road suffered sever rain damage from last weeks down pour. Akamina parkway is a winding mountain road which runs 16 km along the Cameron valley and ends at Cameron lake. A large portion of the road is wiped out along with a number of rock slides piled up a long the road. “The Akamina parkway remains closed fortunately we made repairs to the Red rock pathway,” says Locke Marshall with Parks Canada. ” All three campgrounds in the park are open to the public and we were able to open things fairly quickly for a flood event. We have a team of engineers looking at the Akamina parkway.”

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Avid hikers from across the world come to hike trails near Cameron lake during the summer months and were disappointed they won’t be able to see Cameron lake, but park officials want to ensure all visitors that all shops and campgrounds will be open and are working hard to get the Akamina pass open for Canada day traffic. “The park is definitely open we are very fortunate still lots of things accessible in the town site area not impacted by the rain and Canada day will be very busy,” adds Marshall.


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