Bear sighting reported near village of Warkworth in Cramahe Township: OPP

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Northumberland OPP are advising residents living near Warkworth of a bear sighting near the village.

Police say the bear was spotted on March 17, eating out of a bird feeder, on a property on Dawson Road near Red Cloud School Road, about 8 kilometres south of Warkworth.

The bear was then seen entering a livestock pen before leaving the property towards the woods, OPP say.

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Police say bear season is upon us and sightings are expected to increase in more urban areas as bears wake up after winter hibernation.

They’re advising residents to put garbage out to the curb on the morning of collection, put away bird feeders, seed and suet, store garbage in waste containers with tight fitting lids, clean outdoor grills and store pet food indoors.

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If You Encounter a Bear:

  • Remain calm and avoid sudden movements.
  • Give the bear plenty of room, allowing it to continue its activities undisturbed. If it changes its behavior, you’re too close so back away.
  • If you see a bear but the bear does not see you, detour quickly and quietly.
  • If a bear does spot you, it is best to let it know you are human, so talk in a normal voice and waive your arms while it is still further away.
  • Never feed or throw food to a bear.
  • If a bear pursues you, throw something on the ground, it may be distracted by this and allow you time to escape.
  • If you are near a building or vehicle, get inside as a precaution.
  • Remember that a standing bear is not always a sign of aggression. Many times bears will stand to get a better view.

If you encounter a bear and you feel your personal safety is threatened, police say call 911.

For non-emergency encounters, call the toll-free Bear Wise reporting line at 1-866-514-2327.


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