Rebellion Brewing Company breaks own annual record, sells more than 1 million pints in 2019

Patrons enjoy a drink at Rebellion Brewing Company in Regina.
Patrons enjoy a drink at Rebellion Brewing Company in Regina. Michael Bell /The Canadian Press

Rebellion Brewing Company announced that it sold more than one million pints of craft beer in 2019, breaking its own annual sale record.

“We work so hard and we believe in what we do so much,” said Mark Heise, Rebellion Brewing president and CEO.

“It’s really tough as the underdog. A lot of people doubt you and you think you really are that small and insignificant and all of a sudden its like, wow, maybe we really are doing something here.”

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The brewery saw 600,000 pints poured in 2018.

What started as a pastime for Heise and his friends six years ago is now big business, with more than 275 retail locations in 60 Saskatchewan communities.

“We were just brewing really small batches of beer on our kitchen stoves just for fun, and to share with our close friends,” he said.

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“We were making about 20 litres at the time and it just exploded.”

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Rebellion Brewing opened its doors for business in 2014, with a vision of sharing the beer they make with the people of Saskatchewan.

They get beer ideas from customers and fans of the brand, using locally-grown grains to make their brew.

“We are pumping up farmers and other businesses in the community, and it just seems to resonate with people,” he said. “So we have just been having so much fun bringing on one new customer at a time.”

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And the secret to their success? The community.

Heise said Rebellion Brewing will continue making beer only for people in Saskatchewan.

The company has no plans of expanding outside the province, even with all the interests and attention they have been getting from around the world. Heise said his response is to invite them to visit Saskatchewan to have a taste of the Rebellion beer.

The company has a couple of beers coming out this year, including one it is making in collaboration with the YWCA for International Women’s Day.

Saskatchewan project showcases craft beer from grain to growler
Saskatchewan project showcases craft beer from grain to growler