10-year-old girl collecting socks for GTA’s most vulnerable people

Click to play video '10-year-old girl warming the GTA one pair of socks at a time' 10-year-old girl warming the GTA one pair of socks at a time
WATCH ABOVE: Ten-year-old Jordan Randall is helping to warm the world one pair of socks at a time with her annual Sock Drive for the homeless in Peel, Northumberland, Toronto, and beyond. Susan Hay has the story – Jan 29, 2020

Jordan Randall is a young girl with a big heart and the CEO of Jordan’s Annual Sock Drive.

In 2015, Randall had a vision of collecting 100 pairs of new socks for the homeless — a pretty ambitious goal for a six-year-old at the time. Instead, she received far more than she anticipated.

“I got 2,287 … I remember over the four years, not including this year, I collected 25,000. So I have collected 46,000 to date,” she recalled.

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Something so simple has impacted thousands of people in need.

“It’s the difference between being warm and cold each day,” said David Smith, CEO of the Peel-Dufferin branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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“I went out with our outreach team and saw some of the almost 1,000 homeless people that reside in the Region of Peel.”

“Socks are the most needed, but they are the least donated,” Randall explained.

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At 10 years old, Randall is committed to warming the world a pair of socks at a time while supporting shelters and services in Peel, Northumberland, Toronto, and beyond.

“I start collecting around October and I finish the week before Christmas time,” she said.

“With the help of my family we sort all the socks, we count, we package them up and we deliver them.

“When I put on a pair of socks, I feel grateful. It’s also a reminder that I need to help more people in need.”

“I think socks are so representative of just the difference a ten-year-old girl like Jordan can make in the lives of someone who really needs that support,” Smith added.