Edmonton singer returns to local farmers market that launched his career

Martin Kerr.
Martin Kerr. Global News

Edmonton singer-songwriter Martin Kerr returned to the Downtown Farmers Market Saturday to perform at the venue he says started it all.

“I really built my career on the streets of Edmonton, at this market,” Kerr said. “I’ve got so many memories here. Even though it’s a new venue, it’s the customers, community!”

A crowd gathers around Martin Kerr as he performs.
A crowd gathers around Martin Kerr as he performs.

Kerr began his career years ago, as a busker regularly singing at the market. Since then, he has sold out major theatres and opened for fellow Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan. His albums have even landed in the Canadian Top 10.

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“The gigs that I got from playing at this market have enabled me to make a living at music for the last 10 years and everything that I’ve done since playing here has really been built on this foundation,” Kerr explained.

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His career has taken him to more than 35 countries but he fondly remembers his beginnings.

“Vendors used to give me food to take home to my family,” Kerr said.

“It’s exciting as well as a throwback,” he added before his performance inside the new home of the Downtown Farmers Market.

“It’s reaching out into the community and celebrating the best of Edmonton,” Kerr said of the market. “It reminds me of home.”

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Saturday marked his first performance at the venue in over three years.

The singer is currently working on a new album that includes collaborations with other Edmonton artists.