Montreal Impact president weighs in on Quebec soccer turban ban

Joey Saputo Montreal Impact president
Joey Saputo, the head of one of Canada's three major league soccer teams, weighed in on Quebec's turban ban controversy. Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

MONTREAL – The head of one of Canada’s three major league soccer teams released a statement Monday, responding to Quebec’s turban ban controversy.

Joey Saputo, the president of Montreal Impact said that comments accusing the Quebec Soccer Federation of racism after its decision to uphold a ban on turbans in soccer were misplaced.

Read his statement in full:

Personally, I don’t think we should stop a child from playing soccer at the youth level because they wear a turban.

However, I understand the decision made by the Quebec Soccer Federation based on a FIFA rule that allows for interpretation.

Comments accusing the QSF of racism are misplaced in regards to the context with which the federation made its decision. The Canadian Soccer Association made a recommendation and did not officially state its position to provincial federations.

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Furthermore, the decision by the Canadian Soccer Association to suspend the QSF is exaggerated.

All parties involved must find some common ground for the good of the sport.