Copies of alleged Ford video exist, Toronto Star reporter says

Mayor Rob Ford in this photo from December, 2012. Tyler Anderson / National Post

TORONTO – There could be at least two copies of an alleged video purportedly showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking what could be crack cocaine according to one of the reporters who claim to have already seen the video.

In an interview on the Dean Blundell Show, Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle said the alleged video is “circulating.”

“My information is that there is another copy of it,” she said. “Actually there’s at least one other copy, there might be two other copies. One is out of the city and one is somewhere else.”

The mayor has said no such video exists and called allegations from the Toronto Star and American website Gawker “ridiculous.”

Global News has not seen the video and cannot verify its authenticity.

While the mayor maintains no video exists, Doolittle said she is still in contact with her “broker” – the person who introduced them to the video owners – but has been unable to reach the video owners.

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But she added, that from her understanding, the alleged video has not been deleted and the owners are “still around and that they are kind of monitoring the situation from a distance.”

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