Frontenac Paramedics deliver healthy baby boy

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Frontenac Paramedic’s Really Deliver
WATCH: Frontenac Paramedics got a call they're not likely to forget. They delivered a healthy baby boy in the back of their ambulance. – Aug 23, 2019

Graeson Teeple was ready to rock.

Not only did the now three-week-old baby come six days early⁠ — his entrance into the world was so fast, he was delivered by four Frontenac Paramedics in the back of an ambulance.

Graeson’s mother Taylor Luckock, who already calls herself mommy to her five-year-old Bently, says her labour and delivery happened faster than she could have ever imagined.

“It was bing, bang, boom, hi mommy,” says Luckock laughing.

Luckock says she woke in the early hours of Aug. 3 with back pain, figuring labour had started. She says she only had time to run the bath before she knew her baby was coming and she needed to call an ambulance.

“I was excited but I was scared, I didn’t think he was going to come that fast,” said Luckock, rocking her baby boy. “It took 12 hours to deliver Bently, I thought we would have made it to the hospital.”

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When paramedic Jean-Philippe Lambert Ste-Marie arrived on scene with his colleagues, he knew there was no time to make it to the hospital.

“We quickly realized that we were seeing the baby’s head during contractions, for us that was an indicator that delivery was imminent. We had barely the time to set up our delivery station and set up everything and the baby was already coming.”

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Paramedic Lindsay Esford, who Luckock says was a huge support for her, added:

“She kept saying, ‘Don’t make me do this, don’t make me do this,’ but I told her, ‘You’ve already done it! His head’s already out'” she said in between baby snuggles.

Baby Graeson was born a healthy and happy seven pounds, three ounces.

His umbilical cord was cut in the ambulance and both mom and baby were transported to the hospital for a check up.

Paramedic Nick Decarie says Graeson’s colour was great and everything went as perfectly as they could have hoped.

He arrived on scene first with Lambert Ste-Marie and said, although not uncommon, it was surprising how quickly the baby came.

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“We thought it was going to be a little bit longer from water breaking to delivery… It was a little shorter than normal, but we were prepared for it.”

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This was the first on-the-job delivery for Lambert Ste-Marie, who is Frontenac Paramedic’s newest recruit, and he says he’s thankful everything went well.

“It’s an honour to be able to help bring a life into the world and it’s something I’ll never forget, that’s for sure.”

As for baby Graeson, Luckock says the day he came into the world will be a story she tells him for the rest of her life.

“They (Frontenac Paramedics) did a great job, I am proud to say they brought my baby here,” she said.

Credited with the delivery are Jean-Philippe Lambert Ste-Marie, Nick Decarie, Lindsay Esford, Jeff Sanders, superintendent Todd Fisher.

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