2019 Canada election results: Kitchener Centre

Liberal MP Raj Saini has been re-elected by voters in the riding of Kitchener Centre.

He held off strong challenges by Green Party candidate Mike Morrice and Conservative candidate Stephen Woodworth.

Saini was first elected in 2015 when he unseated Woodworth, who had held the seat for two terms.

Kitchener Centre, which is bordered by Highway 8 to the south, the border of the city to the east, Fischer-Hallman Road to the west and the CN Rail line to the north, was created in 1996.

The smallest and most urban riding in the tri-cities area is home to 105,258 residents.


Liberals: Raj Saini (Incumbent)
Conservatives: Stephen Woodworth
NDP: Andrew Moraga
Green: Mike Morrice
PPC: Patrick Bernier
Animal: Ellen Papenburg

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