Iggy Azalea Talks Her Big Comeback On The Cover Of ‘Cosmo’ – test

Iggy Azalea. Photo: Eric Ray Davidson for Cosmopolitan.

Iggy Azalea is back in a big way.

The “Fancy” rapper is on the cover of the September issue of Cosmopolitan and talks all about the release of her long-awaited sophomore album.

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Iggy Azalea. Photo: Eric Ray Davidson for Cosmopolitan

One big change between her 2014 debut record and the recent In My Defense is the 29-year-old’s label: ditching the big name to go independent.

“I guess I’m sort of my own boss. Well, I am my own boss,” Azalea says of being an indie artist. “I should say that with authority: I am my own boss.”

Iggy Azalea. Photo: Eric Ray Davidson for Cosmopolitan

As for making her comeback with her second album, the Australian rapper says, “You get as many shots as you are able to persevere for in life, no matter what you do. You get as many chances as you’re willing to sit there and f**king really fight for it tooth and nail. And I’m not going to stop fighting for a second chance until somebody f**king gives me one, and then I’m not going to f**k it up.”


Azalea also addresses accusations of cultural appropriation throughout her career.

“You could ask one person of the same race, ‘Does this affect you?’ and they will say yes. But another person will say no,” she explains. “They could be from the same place, same everything, but have different perspectives about it.”

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Iggy Azalea. Photo: Eric Ray Davidson for Cosmopolitan

She also discusses her past defensiveness over her privilege as a white artist.

“I would hit back and say, ‘What about this stuff I had to go through?’ because I wanted to talk so much about my experiences of things I didn’t have, and I think it felt like I wasn’t acknowledging that there is white privilege and there is institutionalized racism,” she admits. “It seemed to a lot of people like I was living in this bubble or was unaware of all these things that people have to experience.”

Iggy Azalea. Photo: Eric Ray Davidson for Cosmopolitan

Given the fame and controversy, Azalea says her management team encouraged her to take a mental-health retreat two years ago.

“They just didn’t want me to f**k up my own life, basically… I just couldn’t get out of functioning at this insanity level, where you’re like, Whoa, hold on, don’t operate the vehicle.