Gastown printing company may have uncovered a drug smuggling ring

A printing company in Gastown believe they’ve accidentally uncovered an international drug smuggling ring that’s using their name to ship LSD around the world.

Over the past sic months, JukeboxPrint.Com says they’ve received three pieces of mail, which appeared to be returned to them because of a wrong address.

But upon closer inspection, something was clearly amiss. The envelopes were printed with low resolution Jukebox logos. And inside, paragraphs from the company’s website were on a flyer along with small square stickers.

The company sent these stickers to a lab and discovered they were laced with LSD.

“The first couple of times were just concerned about someone using the name of our company for an illegal activity,” said Hans Becker from “And also we were concerned, what if this goes into the wrong hands? A kid can easily be attracted by a sticker.”

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Cst. Brian Montague of the Vancouver Police said they often deal with shipping companies and Canada post to determine the origin of packages. “It can be extremely complicated, it’s definitely challenging to determine where those packages are being sent from, especially if it involves international boundaries.”

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