2019 Canada election results: Kings–Hants

Voters in Kings-Hants elected Liberal candidate Kody Blois in the 2019 election.

The riding had swung to the Tories in the late 90s but continued to vote for Scott Brison, the MP who has represented Kings-Hants since 2000, after he crossed the floor to join the Liberals in 2003.


Liberal: Kody Blois

Conservative: Martha MacQuarrie

NDP: Stephen Schneider

Green: Brogan Anderson

PPC: Matthew Southall

Rhino: Nicholas Tan

People’s Party of Canada: Matthew Southall

Veterans Coalition Party of Canada: Stacey Dodge

Global News is featuring the candidates for all parties running candidates in the upcoming 2019 general election. For a complete list of candidates, visit Elections Canada.

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This is one of the Nova Scotia ridings that sits along the shore of the Bay of Fundy.

Windsor, N.S,. sits at the riding’s centre while East Hants, Kentville, Kings Country and Enfield are included within its boundaries.

More geographical information on the electoral district can be found at Elections Canada. 


Brison has represented this riding since 1997 except for a short period in 2000 where he resigned to allow PC Leader Joe Clark to re-enter parliament.

First elected as a PC, Brison crossed the floor to the Liberal party in 2003.

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