Is this really spring?

Magnolia blossoms against a bright blue Montreal sky. Amanda Kelly/Global News
Magnolia blossoms in Montreal. Amanda Kelly/Global News
It's a lucky dip! Fields of clover in a Montreal yard. Amanda Kelly/Global News
Acer palmatum or Japanese Maple is a species of woody plant found in Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia and Montreal. Martin Hazel/Global News
There's a growing debate over weed control in Manitoba. Amanda Kelly / Global News
Spring in Montreal isn't complete without some maple syrup... David Sedell/Global News
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The scent of lilacs is the scent of spring in Montreal. Amanda Kelly/Global News
What's so special about lilacs? Let us count the ways. Amanda Kelly/Global News
Apple blossoms in a Montreal garden in May, 2013. Amanda Kelly/Global News
Spring is here with blossoming trees in Montreal. Amanda Kelly/Global News
Is there any other sign of spring as evocative as hopscotch lines painted on a piece of pavement? . Amanda Kelly/Global News

Following two weeks of above-normal temperatures, Monday morning had many people in Quebec asking, “What was that?”

This weekend’s chilly temperatures were a reminder that winter still hasn’t lost its grip on the province.

On Sunday, the maximum temperature for Montreal was 13.4°C. The normal for this time of  year is 19 degrees. There were even signs of snow and frost in some parts of the Montreal area.

But at least the city won’t have it as bad as some parts of Quebec. Environment Canada has issued snowfall warnings for northwestern Abitibi and Matagami regions, which are expecting another 2 centimetres of snow Monday afternoon and near zero visibility.

There are currently frost warnings in effect for much of much of southern Quebec, including the Montreal and Laval areas. So, if you did any early planting, you may want to protect fragile plants that could be damaged or killed by frost.

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But don’t worry: the summer-like weather is right on the heels of this cold snap. Tuesday’s high in Montreal will be 15°C and Thursday, although rainy, will bring a temperature of 21°C. Even Matagami will see a  high in the mid-teens by the end of the week.

Montrealers reacted to the idea of snow with our usual humour – check out some of the responses on social media.

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