Grand River Transit says issue with EasyGO fare cards has been fixed

An EasyGo fare card. .
An EasyGo fare card. .

Grand River Transit (GRT) says the glitch that was affecting EasyGO fare cards loaded online has been fixed.

GRT had said that the problem was affecting some customers who attempted to add value to EasyGO fare cards through the GRT website. The stored value did not show up on the card.

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The issue did not seem to affect those who loaded the cards at vending machines or in person.

Grand River Transit says customer’s cards should update the next time they are used at a farebox.

It says that after being tapped, the screen will say ‘card updated’ and a special tone will be heard.

There was also an issue with monthly passes as well which has been ironed out.

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GRT is telling its patrons that “if you reported that you purchased a monthly pass and had stored value incorrectly deducted from your card, we are working to investigate and apply the stored value back on your card.”

It says the credit will be restored to the cards by July 20.

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