Zombies for Workplace Safety

Oak Park High School in Winnipeg produced this zombie themed workplace safety ad. May 8, 2013. Global News

WINNIPEG – They have infected our televisions, movie screens and even book pages.

Zombies are here, and now they have crawled their way into the world of Public Service Announcements.

Students at the Oak Park High School created this zombie themed PSA for the Manitoba Safe Work Video Contest and have walked away with first place.

They decided that zombies would set them apart from the competition.

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“We had watched videos that were basically just people getting hurt and we didn’t really like that idea,” says Oak Park High School film student Shannon Pullan. “We thought we would put a spin on it and add zombies, ’cause we had been making a lot of movies with zombies and we liked the idea.”

Students hope the comedic approach will help the message stick in the minds of people in the workforce: If you don’t feel safe at work, you have the right to say so.

The students took this project from the ground up, including doing all the editing themselves. The next step is facing off against other provincial winners to claim the title of Top Canadian Video. The more “likes” they receive on-line, the better their chances.

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