Mayor Rob Ford says Bixi bike-sharing program should be `dissolved’

TORONTO – Toronto’s mayor says the city’s troubled bike-sharing program should be “dissolved” as council gears up to discuss its fate Tuesday.

Rob Ford says the city should get rid of the Bixi program because it is losing money.

City staff are recommending the city take over the program and TTC Chairwoman Karen Stintz may suggest putting it under the transit agency’s watch.

But Ford does not think that is a good idea either, saying it would not solve the money problem, just move it to another jurisdiction.

Of the $4.5-million loan the city gave Bixi, it has only paid back about a quarter of it.

Last month a city staff report said the program was having trouble covering its operating costs.

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“It should just be dissolved. It’s not working. The program’s been a failure,” Ford said.

The company also operates bike-sharing programs in Montreal and Ottawa.

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