Sask. Premier Scott Moe travelling to Toronto to meet with Premier Doug Ford

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe (left) and Ontario Premier Doug Ford shake hands during a joint press confererence at Queen's Park in Toronto on Monday, October 29, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Christopher Katsarov

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and Finance Minister Donna Harpauer will be travelling to Ontario May 9 and 10 to meet with Ontario Premier Doug Ford and investment bankers.

In the provincial meeting, Moe and Harpauer will be discussing economic competitiveness and opportunities to remove regulatory hurdles with their Ontario counterparts.

This would be in line with standardizing regulations surrounding the use of wide-based truck tires in November.

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“Whether that be in the operations like we did with transportation, but also in the areas of banking and the areas of insurance and the areas of services that are often provided by companies that may be based in other areas of the nation, like Toronto,” Moe said.

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Moe said this conversation will continue into July when Saskatchewan plays host to the nation’s premiers at the Council of the Federation meeting July 9 to 11.

“We will broader discussions on how can we stretch this alignment, if you will, away from just two provinces into other areas of the nation,” Moe added.

When the two premiers met last October, neither had representatives at another federally hosted meeting on internal trade. Members of Ontario’s opposition questioned why the two premiers met separately and if this means a “patchwork” of trade agreements across the country.

Outside the meeting with Ford, Moe and Harpauer will be sitting down with investment bankers from CIBC, RBC and Scotiabank. Moe said they are not talking about investing in a particular project, but general promotion of Saskatchewan as a good place to invest capital.

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