Waterloo travelers beware: ION trains about to pick up steam

An ION train stops at Borden Station. @rideIONrt / Twitter

In a sign that they appear to be on the right track, the Region of Waterloo says that the ION trains are speeding up.

In a release, the region announced Tuesday that we could see the trains begin to travel this week at speeds of up to 70 km/h with potential speeds of up to 50 km/h through intersections.

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Given that the trains are electric, the region has issued a note of caution to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike about the need to pay attention to signs and keep clear of the tracks.

It says pedestrians should always use crossings and they should mute headphones and avoid looking at their phones while they do so.

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Cyclists are urged to keep clear of the tracks and if they are crossing, make sure to use the correct angle when doing so.

Motorists stop or park on the tracks as they will be ticketed.

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