Montreal spends millions on transit studies and not enough on transit: critics

MONTREAL – The City of Montreal is under fire for conducting endless studies on public transit projects, costing millions of dollars, while very little is actually getting done.

Most recent case in point is that of Réal Ménard, Montreal’s point person for public transit, who yesterday released a $2.2 million feasibility study, conducted in 2011, on an eventual billion dollar tramway for Montreal.

Critics have complained that the city is spending too much time and money on public transit announcements, while not fulfilling its promises to complete them.

Watch an extended interview with Richard Bergeron, the leader of Projet Montréal:

Last January, Ménard announced that Montreal has six public transit projects it would like to complete, but none of them have yet materialized.

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The Train de l’Est, extending the blue metro line and building an express bus lane on Pie IX Boulevard are three other projects that city officials have announced in recent years but have not yet been finished.

Claude Garcia, former president of the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships, called the endless studies a waste of tax dollars.

“There’s a real lack of leadership in Montreal,” he told Global News Thursday.

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