A White Christmas in the Okanagan unlikely: Environment Canada

Weather watchers say it won't be a white Christmas in the Okanagan Valley. THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES/Graham Hughes

Okanagan residents dreaming of a white Christmas are going to wake up disappointed, according to Environment Canada.

“Unfortunately it is not looking good for a white Christmas in the Okanagan Valley,” said meteorologist Bobby Sekhon on Monday.

“We don’t have much snow on the ground in most places and there isn’t expected to be any snowfall up until Christmas anyways.”

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While there is a light dusting of snow in the Kelowna area, Sekhon said it isn’t going to stick around due to unseasonably dry temperatures.

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“Certainly it’s been a drier month this year. We’ve only gotten in the range of three to five millimetres of precipitation in the Kelowna area for example this month,” he said.

“The average precipitation for November is 32.6 millimetres, so there is a lot to make up there in the last week.”

The Christmas Day forecast calls for a mix of sun and cloud with a wind chill of minus five.

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Those hoping for snowflakes over the holiday season may be in luck by the end of the week. Sekhon said temperatures are expected to dip below zero so there is a chance of snowfall.

“We could see a few flurries on Boxing Day on the 26th but we’re not expecting a whole lot out of that. It’s not going to be until Friday until we see the next system come through.”