Scott Thompson: Why do some want to spend legacy LRT money on maintenance issues?

The union representing Hamilton bus drivers wants the HSR to operate the LRT.
Hamilton city councillors are wasting time and money with a phone survey on LRT support, says Bill Kelly. City of Hamilton

Last week Donna Skelly, MPP for Flamborough-Glanbrook, made it quite clear where the governing Doug Ford PC’s are when it comes to Hamilton’s $1-billion LRT.

The former Hamilton councillor said on Global News Radio CHML that the money can be used for infrastructure, (transit) infrastructure and buses or LRT.

This has been said before, but has often been clouded by a lack of clarity to follow up questions.

For example, in previous discussions, the PCs have said the money would be available for “government-approved projects.”

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But what other projects have been approved other than LRT, and how long will that take to get to where LRT already is to date?

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Over and above what the money can be spent on, some Hamiltonians are missing the point entirely.

Yes, like everything, money needs to be spent updating infrastructure, like roads and bridges, for their performance and survival.

But why do some want to spend government money that has already been designated for a large legacy project like LRT on maintenance issues?

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Whether Hamilton is getting an LRT, the province still has to fix up what we have. That’s maintenance that is planned and budgeted.

But to blow LRT money on fixing potholes and buying buses that would be replaced anyway is insane.

However, it does save the PCs plenty of money!

That’s like your grandparents giving you $10 in a birthday card — and your mom making you spend it on new underwear.

Hey Ma! The underwear is your responsibility. Let me put the cash towards my new bike!

Wake up, Hamilton!

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.


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