Quebec election: Saint-Jérôme results

The riding of Saint-Jérôme is in the Laurentians.

The four candidates from parties serving in the National Assembly at dissolution:

Coalition Avenir Québec: Youri Chassin
Parti Québécois: Marc Bourcier
Quebec Liberal Party: Antoine Poulin
Québec Solidaire: Ève Duhaime

The incumbent heading into the 2018 elections was the Parti Québécois’ Marc Bourcier.

He was first elected in 2016 after Quebecor media mogul Pierre Karl Péladeau quit as leader of the Parti Québécois.


Saint-Jérôme is a relatively new riding. It was created in 2011 with parts of the riding of Prévost.

In its first election, it voted for CAQ star candidate Jacques Duchesneau, a former Montreal police chief and anti-corruption crusader.

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In 2014, Péladeau caused a stir when he announced he was running as the Parti Québécois’ candidate. He won with a five per cent margin.