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Good morning and welcome to week three of the Global Great
Gadget Giveaway. Five KC-850U  Plasmacluster
Air Purifiers from Sharp are but an email away. Check it out this Monday
morning at: http://www.globaltvedmonton.com/contests/index.html 

Sharp is the first company in the world to replicate nature’s
own air purification process. Its Plasmacluster technology splits water
molecules into positive and negative charged ions refreshing the room as they
spread, creating the same effect natures does after a thunderstorm.

It’s perfect in winters preventing dry air and static

It combines humidity functions and high-tech air cleaning in
one library-quiet unit capable of handling any room size.

Three large three stage filters remove 99.97 percent of particles
in the air, including bacteria, germs, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke,
dust and odours making breathing easier for everyone but especially asthma and
allergy sufferers.

Built-in sensors constantly monitor the air quality and
humidity and you can select three fan speeds manually and you are notified when
quick-clean mode is required…washable filters, last up to five years.

It’s also Energy Star rated being 35 per cent more
efficient. The large water tank runs for ten hours.

Available at Sears, Future Shop and Best Buy

For more info on the Plasmacluster  go to: www.sharp.ca 

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