Canadian tourist captures close encounter with Great White shark

TORONTO – A video of a shark attacking a diving cage, shot by a Canadian, has gone viral.

Bryan Plummer and Monica Kronfli witnessed the shark ramming the cage with two divers inside during a boat tour near Cape Town, South Africa.

“It rammed head first into the cage, then there was frenzy of activity,” said Plummer, who shot the video. “People were screaming. You’re not too sure, seems like something out of a movie.”

The video shows a Great White shark approaching the cage, ignoring bait, and ramming its head through the view area of the cage.

Here’s the video:

In an interview Monday on Global Toronto’s The Morning Show, Kronfli described the encounter.

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“We spoke to the gentlemen inside the cage and he said that he saw the Great White coming and it didn’t stop,” she recalled. “He had the smarts to duck, put his hands behind his back and just got low.”

The video has had more than 1.6 million views since being uploaded on March 22.