Delta’s police chief reacts to probe of watchdog investigation into 2012 casino shooting

Cst. Jordan MacWilliams was charged this morning in the death of Mehrdad Bayami outside the Starlight Casino on Nov. 8, 2012. Shane MacKichan

The Delta Police Department says the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) has really upped it’s game.

The reaction comes on the heels of an independent report that says B.C.’s police watchdog fell short in its investigation into the 2012 Starlight Casino shooting.

Mehrdad Bayrami was shot and killed following an hours-long standoff outside the New Westminster casino.

A Delta police officer was charged with second degree murder following the IIO’s investigation, but those charges were later dropped.

The Delta Police Association then submitted a letter of complaint regarding that IIO probe.

Now, Chief Neil Dubord says he feels the office is moving in the right direction.

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“I think it’s really noteworthy to be able to talk about two things, the first thing is that it’s great to see the new chief civilian director be able to provide this report to the public and be able to say that there was some shortcomings, and we’re working hard and we’re on the right path to being able to overcome those.”

“And the second thing I think that’s really important is that the threshold of now files that are sent to the Crown for their examination has actually been raised by the new chief civilian director as well, so instead of just having something that may have involved a criminal offence, it has to meet the standard approved reasonable and probable grounds which is what we work on our street as well.”

Last week, the report, completed by a former RCMP Superintendent, said the IIO’s investigation into the case lacked in areas including interviews, evidence, the report to Crown Counsel, as well as training.

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