Naked man bites 2 police officers in Milton

MILTON, Ont. – Police in a town west of Toronto say the 25-year-old suspect was nude and two officers are nursing bite wounds to their forearms following a bizarre incident Wednesday morning.

Halton regional police say a “disoriented and confused” man dressed only in socks went to a home in Milton and entered when the elderly resident opened the door.

A neighbour saw the incident and called police who arrested the man when he came out of the house, wearing a housecoat given to him by the homeowner.

The man told the officers that he had taken some type of drugs – which police say they haven’t been able to confirm – and asked them to take him to hospital.

Once at Milton District Hospital, police say the previously co-operative man began acting irrationally and bit two of four officers who tried to restrain him when he began jumping on a hospital gurney.

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The elderly homeowner was not injured or accosted in any way during the incident, and police say it’s unclear why the man went to that specific home naked or exactly what he wanted.

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