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Security footage captures Domino’s Pizza delivery driver eating pizza toppings

ABOVE: Security camera footage from a Surrey elevator appears to show a Domino's Pizza delivery man put a customer's pizza box on the floor, open it up, pick toppings off and consume it. 

A Surrey concierge was monitoring a residential building’s security cameras when he spotted a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver in an elevator.

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The driver selects a floor and as the door closes, he crouches on the ground and appears to put the pizza delivery bag on the floor.

He takes out the box and appears to begin to eat the toppings just before arriving at his selected floor.

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“It’s very unhygienic, it’s disturbing, and it’s sad,” said Harry Sethi, owner of Eureka Security and Concierge Services, the company that captured the footage.

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He said the concierge went up to the unit to inform the tenant about the incident.

“She was furious, she said she would take it up to management,” Sethi said.

He said his security company has seen some things, but this was a first.

“It shocks me,” said Sethi. “They should definitely let him go.”

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Domino’s Pizza has confirmed to Global News the driver, a college student, has now been fired from the company.

“When we first saw the video we’re just totally embarrassed and frustrated with the situation,” Jeff Kacmarek, vice-president of marketing for Domino’s Pizza told Global News.

“We apologize profusely to the customer, to all of our customers, it’s a very unfortunate incident.”

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Kacmarek says they have also contacted the local authorities and have offered to hand over the video to them.

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“We’re absolutely going to make this right.”

~With files from Ted Field


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