BBC reporter attacked by lemurs while reporting from zoo

A BBC reporter attempting to report from the Banham Zoo in Norfolk has gained online notoriety for his unexpected tangle with a group of leaping lemurs.

Defence reporter Alex Dunlop was standing in the lemur exhibit last Thursday, reporting on a story about the number of animals at the zoo when eight eager primates mobbed him between takes.

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An edit of the outtakes went viral after the regional BBC show Look East tweeted the clip. Dunlop retweeted the video saying, “Give our BBC online team an inch and they’ll take a country mile.”

He assured that no lemurs were injured during the shoot.

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As the lemurs nipped at Dunlop’s hands, he attempted to keep his cool but at one point breaks, calling one of the animals a “little b****!”

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Dunlop, who has reported on location during violence in the Middle East, joked that he left Iraq and Afghanistan unscathed, but couldn’t escape NR16 (a postal code area in the U.K.) without a few battle wounds.

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