November 19, 2017 3:32 pm
Updated: January 17, 2018 3:37 pm

Roy Green: Treating politics like sports — and sports like politics

U.S. President Donald Trump boards Air Force One on Nov. 14, 2017.

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The lines are drawn. Taunts fill the air and occupy disproportionate space on social media. It’s liberals versus conservatives — much as it might be the Canadiens vs. the Leafs, Stampeders against Eskimos or Blue Jays facing the Yankees.

Not so long ago, a verbal set-to over politics would simply peter out into a disinterested “whatever.” But a clash of views concerning the Habs and Leafs would gain momentum as team-shirted fans rolled out their time-tested insults.

“Yeah? Leafs? Ha! Fifty years, buddy! Been 50 YEARS!”

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Today, mention Trudeau to a conservative and the frustration is instant: “Khadr, $10.5 million.”

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Liberal supporters haven’t quite amassed a list of easy insults yet for the CPC’s Andrew Scheer or the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh.  They’re the new kids on the block. It’ll take a bit of time.

However, the left has a firm target — U.S. President Donald Trump. It matters not a whit Trump has no apparent interest in Canada.

You’d think the guy had stolen the election from Hillary Clinton.

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Liberals cannot let go that Trump is in the White House gleefully dismantling his predecessor’s initiatives. At first, they wept. Now, they take on the attitude, and perhaps soon the wardrobe, of a rabid Oakland Raiders fan.

Trump is the architect of all that is evil, they claim. Trump will cause a GOP debacle in the midterm elections, they predict.

Six marginal Democrats are trying to initiate impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. When that fails, liberals will bet their hockey helmets on a former FBI director drawing a straight line between the Kremlin and the White House.

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From those on the political right, immediate correction was required. During Obama’s tenure, Democrats lost 900-plus elected positions.

Trump won the election because Clinton only managed to hold off Bernie Sanders by bullying the socialist former mayor of Burlington, Vt. out of the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

Not long ago, the ongoing question was: “Would Canada survive Quebec’s repeated forays into setting fire to Confederation?”

Now, a socialist vs. conservative divide wobbles national stability. Can you say “pipelines”?

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When your sports team loses, that’s pretty much it. You store away the sweater and stop singing the chants until next season.

But when the chasm between deeply held and cherished beliefs widens without pause and the respective visions of Canadian society are so unequivocally opposite, that’s more serious business.

Roy Green is the host of the Roy Green Show syndicated across Canada on the Corus Radio network.

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