Bob Layton editorial: Show me the money

The former executive director of the Regina Sexual Assault Centre has received a three-year jail sentence for bilking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the non-profit group. File / Global News

Well, here we go again. I told you the last time this happened that it would happen again, and it has.

Another group set up to help people has been robbed by one of its own.

This time it’s in Saskatchewan, where the former executive director of the Regina Sexual Assault Center has assaulted her organization financially.

Debra House pleaded guilty to defrauding the center of more than $700,000 over seven years. Like the other cases, no one noticed.

Seven-hundred thousand dollars gone from a non-profit organization and it took seven years for someone to ask about what they call an accounting irregularity?

She was a trusted employee. She’d been there for 15 years, stealing from them for seven years. Now she’s doing three years for fraud.

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I’m no financial expert, but I have to ask why there are not better auditing rules required for organizations accepting donations?

Some embezzle to feed an addiction. Some take money to cover financial problems. This $700,000 was spent largely in Las Vegas. Odds are, it’ll happen again.

Maybe someone in the accounting field can tell me how this could be fixed.

Bob Layton is the news manager of the Corus Edmonton group of radio stations and a commentator for Global News.

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