September 9, 2017 5:44 pm

Roy Green: On global warming, it may be more the salesman than the pitch

FILE - Former vice-president Al Gore in front of a poster of his documentary film "An Inconvenient Truth" on global warming.

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It all sounds rather convenient. Devastating hurricanes pummel the United States and immediately, the position of the AGW supporters is, “Hurricanes will become more massive.” To acknowledge the fact no hurricane hit the U.S. for the previous dozen years, the addendum is, “but they will occur less frequently.”

I’ve heard this time and again over the past few days.

This sounds very much to me like attempting to butter your bread while it’s falling to the floor.

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Yes, I remain unconvinced that human activity is launching a cataclysmic global climate future. Perhaps that’s because the pitchman-in-chief remains Al Gore. I’d have difficulty accepting Al Gore declaring today to be Saturday.

The man’s history of spending massively on firing up lights in his mansion(s), his globe-touring on exhaust-blasting private jets, the multitude of errors easily discovered in his first great film….umm…Dirty Al(?) only turn the first pages of Gore-doubt.

Ever fearful of being asked real questions, Gore has ducked and run from answering questions by an Irish filmmaker and British Lord, both who have appeared on my program.

Phelim McAleer was refused media accreditation to a Gore event (loaded with like-minded types), yet managed to launch questions at Mr. Gore which had the former U.S. veep’s demeanor take on that of a deer which just heard a twig crack.

McAleer did manage a shot across the good ship AG (a question) which Gore not only wouldn’t, but couldn’t answer. In fact, I thought he was going to faint at the prospect.

Mercifully, Phelim’s microphone was switched off by organizers of the event (mercifully for Mr. Gore).

Lord Christopher Monckton was brought forward as a challenger to Gore by the GOP. An encounter in the U.S. capitol somewhere was proposed.

Lord Christopher was as eager as a British foxhound on royalty’s “tally ho” morning. Gore, again, assumed the look of the deer. I presume. In any event, Mr. Gore was unavailable.

Today, I’ll be speaking with a real climate scientist from Johns Hopkins University and am interested in what Dr. Anand Gnanadesikan has to offer by way of global warming argument about climate and hurricanes. He stresses he is not a hurricane expert.

Well, I know who to call.  Care to guess?

Roy Green is the host of The Roy Green Show and a commentator for Global News.

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