Scott Thompson: Caledonia gets town back, for now

Protesters set up a blockade in Caledonia on Aug. 10. CTN

The people of Caledonia have their town back, or at least access to it.

For 21 days, native protesters have been blocking a portion of Argyle Street for what they say are land claim issues with the government of Canada.

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The blockade that disrupted commerce and travel in the town for three weeks was a stark reminder of what happened in 2007 when a similar protest had a very different and violent outcome.

But it turns out this was not an issue between government and Indigenous People.

This is an internal issue between the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and their Six Nation Elected Band Council.

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At stake is a giant field of tobacco and who on the reserve has claim to it.

It has nothing to do with government, or the town of Caledonia, who have been held hostage yet again.

It’s not about a land claim at all, it’s an internal issue between competing powers on the reserve about control and money.

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It has always been said there seemed to be two sets of laws in Caledonia.

Hopefully, with this latest ‘boy who cried wolf’, or in this case, ‘land claim issue’ will, in the end, help make the lines a bit more clear for the town’s people just trying to get along.


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