Harrowsmith farm opens its doors for yoga with a twist

Click to play video: 'Yoga with Charlie the lamb' Yoga with Charlie the lamb
Happy Tails Farm is Harrowsmith hosts unique event where yoga and farm animals mix – Aug 20, 2017

Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary hosts ‘Yoga with Charlie,’ an event where the public can get zen while hanging out with farm animals.

“A lot of people think of therapy animals as dogs or cats but any animal can be therapy animals — we just have to give them the opportunity to do so,” Carla Moore, the Co-Founder of Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary said.

Moore says she knew he would be the perfect star for the event since Charlie helped her heal during a tough rehabilitation process.

Charlie came to Happy Tails Farm when he was only three days old. He was a cast off from the meat industry, as he was ill and orphaned. But now that he’s been nursed back to health, he’s happy and strong.

Yoga instructor Cathie Waugh believes yoga isn’t only about holding poses and breathing, it’s about connecting with your surroundings and fostering your attention.

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This is only Waugh’s second time doing yoga with Charlie. Their first session was a bit of an eye opener.

“Charlie came over and stood on my mat…and then he ended up peeing because that’s just what sheep do. So we just have to go with the flow. I turned my matt over,” Waugh said.

This time around participants finished the class feeling refreshed.

“This is my first time doing yoga in a meadow with a lamb. It was great. It was nice to feel the breeze on your face and have Charlie check in with everybody,” said participant Shannon Crosbie.

“It actually felt natural, maybe because of the setting being outdoors. It felt like when he wandered over, this is what yoga should be like,” said participant Mary Murtha.

Charlie the lamb is just one of about 65 animals on the 17-acre property.

Happy Tails Farm hopes to make ‘Yoga with Charlie’ an annual event.

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