London’s ‘Be Pet Aware’ aims to educate as pets continue to die in hot vehicles

Be Pet Aware Facebook page

A local animal clinic is hoping a cautionary tale out of B.C. encourages Londoners to Be Pet Aware.

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The Be Pet Aware campaign was created in reaction to an incident in Grand Bend, where an unknown man smashed the rear window of a BMW to remove a distressed dog that had been left alone in the vehicle.

A video of the incident was posted to Facebook, and as of July 31, 2017 has over 1.4-million views.

The campaign was launched locally last year by a staff member who now works at Neighbourhood Pet Clinic at Oxford Street and Waterloo Street.

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Despite efforts at awareness, some people still aren’t catching on. A clinic out of B.C. shared a post over the weekend of a dog that died after being left in a hot car, pleading to owners to “stop doing this.”

“We understand you go into the park, you play, just take them home before you go shopping,” said Neighbourhood Animal Hospital business director Brent Barr.

“Take them home, put them in the house where they are going to be the safest and then go out and do the errands that might require you to leave them in the car by themselves.”

The Be Pet Aware campaign aims to keep the issue top of mind by painting parking spots with the symbol and giving out stickers. The City of London is supporting the campaign and now has the symbol in all municipal parking lots.

Barr added that malls and local businesses are also taking part.

“For businesses, we will come out and, for free, paint a couple of your parking spaces with the symbol, Be Pet Aware to help remind people that when they pull up, ‘I have to be aware of this.’ We have two-sided stickers which are not permanent that can go on their window when you walk in to remind people, just be cautious,” said Barr.

“If it’s warm outside, don’t leave your little one in the car. Take them home. They will always be safest at home.”


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