No dogs for 5 years for Nova Scotia woman after SPCA finds dog covered in feces, matted hair

A before and after of a dog seized by the Nova Scotia SPCA after responding to public concerns. Nova Scotia SPCA

A Sipekne’katik woman has been prohibited from owning dogs for five years and has been fined $465 for animal cruelty.

Mary Julian pleaded guilty to causing an animal to be in distress following a Nova Scotia SPCA investigation.

The SPCA say they responded to a concern from the public in January 2017 that there was a heavily matted dog tethered outside Julian’s property. When SPCA officers visited the property they found a dog covered in matted hair and feces in the woman’s yard. They said the dog also smelled of urine and was shivering from the cold.

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According to SPCA, the dog had been provided no water or shelter and Julian was unwilling to relieve the distress of the animal.

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The dog was seized and transported to the Dartmouth Shelter for treatment. As part of treatment, one kilogram of matted hair was shaved off the dog and an embedded harness and collar was also removed.

“Fortunately for this dog, SPCA officers were able to intervene and bring this dog to safety,” said chief provincial inspector Jo-Anne Landsburg.

SPCA officials say the dog has made a full recovery and has been adopted.

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