Crude oil pipeline has two leaks southwest of Edmonton

File photo of pumpjacks at work in Alberta.
File photo of pumpjacks at work in Alberta. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Larry MacDougal

A pipeline belonging to Journey Energy Inc. leaked crude oil twice this week, according to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

The incidents happened near Winfield, Alberta, about 120 kilometres southwest of Edmonton.

AER said Journey notified them Wednesday of a release of about one cubic metre of crude oil. An inspector on scene believes that volume could be larger. That leak didn’t affect any bodies of water, AER confirmed Friday.

On Thursday, another leak was discovered in the same area with an unknown amount of crude spilling out.

The second leak impacted an unnamed creek that contains fish and is a habitat for other wildlife, according to AER.

There were no impacts to public safety.

The pipeline has been isolated and depressurized, and Journey has hired a clean-up and environmental consultant to assess the site.

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AER is monitoring and evaluating the company’s clean-up efforts.


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