John Oakley Show – Thursday May 11, 2017

Giant panda cub Jia Panpan (Top) (meaning Canadian Hope) and its mother Er Shun play at the Toronto Zoo in Toronto, Canada on March 17, 2017. Xinhua/Li Haitao via Getty Images

Another electrifying show includes leaked documents on hydro, and picket lines at the zoo, plus topics worthy of discussion

Internal Liberal Cabinet document shows hydro rates to skyrocket to highest level ever after the election

A leaked document marked ‘confidential’ presented to the Liberal cabinet in early March 2017 shows that rates decline in 2017 only to rise the following year. The document also reveals Liberals hid the comeback of the debt retirement charge. Progressive Conservative energy critic Todd Smith discusses the findings.

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READ MORE: Ontario Liberals introduce legislation to lower hydro bills but passes costs to next generation


Toronto Zoo closes as workers strike

The union representing 362 Toronto Zoo workers on strike says management staff are not fully trained to look after the health and safety of zoo wildlife despite claims by officials the animals will receive the best care possible.

READ MORE: Toronto Zoo management staff not trained to care for animals during strike: union


Topics worthy of discussion

It’s like a zoo in here! Karlene Nation, David Wills and Vince Gasparro bark, howl and even purr while discussing the stories of the day.

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