John Oakley Show – Wednesday May 10, 2017

Various vegetables are on display at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal on January 11, 2016.
Various vegetables are on display at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal on January 11, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson

Putting words in your mouth! The big stories of the day include TTC workers drinking, Freshii calling calories on menu boards simplistic, and Ontario nursing homes serving healthier foods to seniors. Feast your ears on the show and hear it again!

TTC worker fails random alcohol test

Brad Ross TTC Executive Director of Corporate Communications discusses the results of random alcohol and drug test that started monday. The first day of testing resulted in two employees being suspended with pay for positive test results. The employees were not passenger vehicle operators.

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Nursing home residents get 67 cents a day more for food from province

Back in March we told about the fight by several long-term care associations, hoping to raise the amount of money allotted to meals for seniors in nursing homes. Today we announce that there will be an increase starting July 1st of this year. Cathy Gapp is the CEO of AdvantAge Ontario. She explains that the 67-cent increase to $9 per day is double the amount requested. It comes after she and other advocates lobbied the government and media, including the John Oakley Show, about the cheap, processed food that seniors in nursing homes were served.

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Federal judge rules stripping people of Canadian citizenship without a hearing is unfair

In a key decision, Judge Jocelyne Gagne struck down provisions of the Citizenship Act enacted by the former Conservative government under Stephen Harper, saying they conflict with principles of fundamental justice. Immigration Lawyer Guidy Mamann defended on of eight cases — considered as test cases — that challenged the constitutionality of the changes made in May 2015.

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Topics worthy of discussion

Sandra Pupatello, MP Peter Tabuns and Chris Stockwell have an enthusiastic conversation about the stories of the day.

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