University of Manitoba fined after worker falls 14 feet through hole

The University of Manitoba is facing a fine after pleading guilty under the Workplace Safety and Health Act. File / University of Manitoba
 The University of Manitoba has pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to keep it’s workers safe, after an employee fell 14 feet through a hole in the floor.
Two separate employees were injured in similar incidents dating back to August, 2014.

An investigation from Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health found floor panels had been removed by workers who were lowering a giant spool of wire into a building below. There was no guardrail placed around the hole.

One employee fell into an open pit and suffered serious injuries. Later, a second employee fell more than four metres to the ground below. That employee also suffered serious injuries.

The university pleaded guilty last month to a charge of failing to ensure the safety of workers, under Manitoba’s Workplace Safety and Health Act.

It has now been ordered to pay $13,000 in fines and surcharges.

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