‘Human library’ helps Edmonton women get local answers to issues they struggle with

Representatives with several local organizations help answer questions to key issues women are facing. Global News

Representatives – spanning a variety of organizations – gathered at the Boyle Street Community League Saturday to act as a ‘human library,’ fielding answers to questions in person.

The organizations represented included those that deal with domestic violence, pay equality, legal advice and political representation.

“We’re trying to identify with different issues women face,” said Paula Kirman, co-organizer of Women March Forward.

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The event was organized by Women March Forward. The group also helped organize a solidarity march on Jan. 21, following Donald Trump’s U.S. presidential inauguration.

Kirman said the group wanted to keep the momentum going so they decided to send out a survey asking women what issues they were most concerned about in the community.

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“Domestic violence is a big one, LGBTQ rights and equality, labour rights and equality issues in terms of pay issues,” she said.

Kirman said women attending the event could spend time discussing an issue or getting advice directly from a representative from one of the interest groups.

“Women’s rights are human rights and it affects all of us – regardless of gender – where we come from, our socio-economic level, or our political views – and that’s something that we all need to work for,” Kirman explained.

The group hopes to host more events in the future.


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