Alberta MLA puts forward bill to adopt central standard time year round

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The days of Albertans changing their clocks twice a year could soon be coming to an end.

NDP backbencher Thomas Dang has put forward a private member’s bill that would put Alberta on central standard time year round.

“It’s time we had one time,” Dang said after introducing the legislation in the house Tuesday.

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He said the new time would be known as Alberta standard time.

Dang says thousands of Albertans have told him in consultations and surveys they want one time year round for a better quality of life.

“This includes the parents of young children who find it difficult to maintain a healthy routine for their development of children, seniors who take time-sensitive medication, (and) egg and dairy farmers that find the time change impacts their routine-dependent operations,” said Dang.

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He said the change would mean more sunlight late in the day in the summer, to help Albertans playing golf late in the day, enjoying drinks on the patio, or watching children playing soccer or baseball.

The change would put Alberta on the same time as Saskatchewan year round, and one hour ahead of B.C. in the summer and two hours ahead of B.C. in the winter.

It would also put Alberta one hour behind Toronto in the winter and two hours in the summer.

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If the bill passes, it wouldn’t take effect until November 2018.

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