Sweepers hit the streets

Street sweeping a little later than usual this year in Kelowna.

It’s a cleaning job of monumental proportions and it’s now underway in Kelowna.

Street sweeping crews are working 20 hours a day to clean 1600 kilometres of roadways and bike lanes from sand put down during snowfalls.

“We’ll start with some of the major arterials and sidewalks this week, however, we may need to make a couple passes due to a significant accumulation of dirt and sand over the winter,” said roadways supervisor Stephen Bryans in a news release.

Signs will be posted in neighbourhoods at least a day before the streets are swept.

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Residents are asked to park vehicles off the road and remove obstructions such as basketball hoops.

The work, slated for completion in mid-May, started a little later than usual because of late season snowfalls.

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