School bus safety: why are West Kelowna RCMP members on board?

It’s a bit of a strange sight aboard a school bus, but RCMP members took a ride in West Kelowna for some first-hand enforcement.

Mounties conducted a two-day school bus enforcement operation Monday and Tuesday to see if drivers obeyed the proper traffic laws around the transit vehicles.

According to the RCMP’s report, drivers passed with flying colours.

“During the two day targeted enforcement operation, there were no violations observed committed, as none of the driver’s on the roadway passed the school bus when it was stopped to load or unload children,” West Kelowna RCMP S/Sgt. Lesli Roseberry said in a news release.

But kids on board told RCMP that isn’t always the case and drivers do frequently pass the bus when the stop sign is out.

RCMP will continue the school bus enforcement operation program throughout the next few months.

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Anyone caught passing a school bus when the red lights are flashing or its stop sign is out, could face a $167 fine.

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