Winnipeg group warns drivers about speed traps on Louis Riel Day

WiseUp Winnipeg member Justin Kiezik spent his morning on Louis Riel Day warning drivers of photo enforced radar. Shelden Rogers/Global News

WINNIPEG — Members of the Wise Up Winnipeg group are out on the streets near popular speed traps, hoping to warn drivers about photo radar enforcement.

Wise Up Winnipeg member, Justin Kiezik, decided to wake up early on Louis Riel Day in order to help Winnipeg drivers avoid confusion on the holiday.

“People aren’t expecting photo radar trucks to be at school zones on a holiday,” Kiezik said.

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Kiezik found four photo enforced radar vehicles set up in school zones around the city. In order to give drivers a warning, he parked his car in front of the vehicles and waved a sign reading ‘slow down, photo enforcement ahead’.

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“They’re targeting areas, school zones around Winnipeg, saying it’s a safety issue, but clearly it’s not,” Kiezik said.

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Most people driving by Kiezik honked their horn and gave a thumbs up before they passed the radar vehicles.

Other WiseUp Winnipeg members were out on the streets Monday morning with signs to warn drivers. Shelden Rogers/Global News

Two other Wise Up members were on the streets with signs in different areas of the city in hopes of changing school zones on holidays.

“I hope they can change the signs to say ‘excluding holidays’, or get someone high-end to ask, ‘why are they targeting school zones on days where there’s no children’,”Kiezik said.

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Photo enforcement in school zones is common on holidays, said one officer in a photo radar vehicle in the Southdale area, who refused to go on camera.

The officer said although students are off of school for the day, there is still a chance the building could be occupied.


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